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Wardrobe Craftsperson (Costumes)
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Wardrobe Craftsperson (Costume Craftsperson)
Status: Part Time
Pay Rate: $12.44/hour

Basic Job Functions & Principle Duties
•Supports the Entertainment Department and park by constructing and maintaining SeaWorld costumes, shows, events, and attraction related elements as assigned.
•Enthusiastically represents SeaWorld by displaying a positive attitude, high level of energy and commitment to quality throughout all aspects of the job.
•Responsible for construction and maintenance of specific show related costumes and props, park projects and other projects as assigned, including washing, drying, ironing and setting costumes in preparation of show.
•Proficient and safe utilization of multiple tools and resources related to their craft and assigned work groups.
•Maintains cleanliness of all assigned work areas.
•Maintains safe work environment and safety requirements.
•Participates in the repair of costumes and props, including costume characters, on a regular basis.
•Participates in dress rehearsals and costume fittings.
•Uses textiles including fur, vinyl, and 4-way stretch fabrics.
•May illustrate designs for new or existing costumes and props.
•Consistently achieves customer satisfaction through effective communication, quality of output and timely project completion.
•Maintains a positive, flexible attitude.
•Positively interacts with coworkers and guests.
•Ensures excellent guest service by responding to customer requirements and expectations.
•Sets positive examples for fellow employees on how to Celebrate, Connect, and Care for our guests.
•Assist in other Entertainment work areas as assigned.
•Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills, Training, and Education
•Must be at least 18 years of age.
•Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
•Must have and maintain a valid California driver's license; out of state residents, active military, their dependents and visiting students, must have a valid driver’s license from their state of residency and provide a copy of the DMV report.
•Must have at least two years of experience in related craft field such as costume production and prop construction.
•Must have intermediate patterning and cutting skills.
•Must have intermediate sewing skills and use of machines, including sergers.
•Must have intermediate knowledge of hand tools, including rotary cutters, hot knives, and riv-nut setter.
•Must have knowledge of basic applications and craft-related software.
•Must be able to lift or move up to 30 pounds with or without accommodations.

Hours & Availability
• 0 to 28 hours per week.
• Must have 3 days of unrestricted availability, to include one weekend day.