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Mystery Cafe Dinner Theater Auditions - Paid
« on: January 15, 2018, 03:21:37 PM »
Mystery Café Dinner Theater announces auditions for our brand-new show “Whatta Way to Die”, a 1950’s mafia comedy-mystery. All roles are paid per performance. Rehearsal stipend is paid.

Show Description:
Anthony, the head of the mafia, has grown weary and decided to escape his life of crime and start over again. He has concocted a plan to stage his own death. Sadly, someone with more malicious intent has beat him to it. Was Anthony killed by his right-hand man Silas? His wife Bambi? Or was he wacked by one of his own children? Who will make it out alive and become the new head of the familia? Help us figure out who the killer is in this brand new 1950’s mafia comedy-mystery “Whatta Way to Die”.

Audition and performance details:
Auditions will take place Tuesday, January 30th and Wednesday January 31st at The Imperial House Restaurant, located at 505 Kalmia Street in San Diego at 6:30PM.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Headshots and resumes are required as well as a list of conflicts for rehearsals and performances. Full character descriptions and the rehearsal schedule are below. Performances take place every Friday and Saturday Night. The show is slated to run for a year, but actors will sign a 4-month contract. Contracts are renegotiated every 4 months.

We are casting a lead male for the roles of Actor 1: Anthony/Cleo/Agent Harry Sacks as well as male and female understudies for all roles. Understudy positions work one night per week when not performing.

To sign up for an audition appointment please click here:

All positions are paid. Starting actors are paid a base rate of $46 per performance plus gratuity. A $100 rehearsal stipend is paid after the first performance.

About Mystery Café Dinner Theater:
Mystery Café Dinner Theater is San Diego’s longest running dinner theater show and has been producing comedy-murder mystery performances for the last 27 years. Performances are held every Friday and Saturday night. Mystery Café has been deemed by actors as “the most consistent paying work in town”. We are a family run business and we are excited to add additional actors to our family!

Contact Information:  For questions please email

Rehearsal Schedule:
Tuesdays: February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th: 6:30PM – 9:30PM
Wednesday: February 28th: 6:30 – 9:30PM
Thursdays: February 8th, 15th, 22nd & March 1st: 6:30PM – 9:30PM
Sundays: February 11th, 18th, 25th: 12:00PM – 6:00PM

Show opens Friday March 2nd and runs every Friday and Saturday. Call time for performances is 6:30PM

Character Descriptions:

Actor 1: Male ages 50 – 65. Plays three roles: Anthony/Cleo/Agent Harry Sacks

•   Anthony: (Hates being called Tony). Head of the family. Celebrating his birthday today. He is a mob boss but has no desire to be one. He inherited the business after his father was killed in a hit. Operates a plumbing business that is really a front for a casino in the back room. Divorced his wife Betty years ago and married a younger bimbo. Now that he is older, he has reflected on his life and realized he gave up his one true love and is very unhappy. His plans are to stage his own death, so he can go back to his true love. He hates everything about the mafia and refuses to kill anyone. He is weak, which is why he is going through the pains of pretending to be killed rather than killing off his new wife.

•   Cleo:  A telephone psychic who Bambi calls to get all her advice from. She looks old and haggard but is pregnant. Wears a moo moo and her hair is always in curlers. Think Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Really an undercover FBI agent. Doesn’t even need a wiretap since Bambi readily offers all the information

•   Agent Harry Sacks: FBI agent that has posed as a phone psychic for Bambi, trying to get information on the illegal casino.

Actor 2: Female (ages 18 – 45)

•   Bambi: A complete bimbo and moron. Loves her husband and hates her husband’s ex-wife. She has hired the entertainment for her husband’s birthday party. She encourages her husband to be rougher since he is a mob boss.

Actor 3: Male (ages 18 – 35) Plays two roles: Anthony Junior (Junior) and Kenneth

•   Anthony Junior (goes by Junior): Anthony & Betty’s son and Cordelia’s twin. A typical 50’s greaser who has a lot of brains to run the family business. He thinks his father is weak and he has plans to take over the family business as soon as he can get rid of his dad. Misogynistic and disliked by most women.

•   Kenneth: Detective. An out of work actor hired by Anthony to help him stage his death. He is conceded and arrogant and not all there. Lately he has been making money as a male stripper and can’t get it out of his head that he is not there to dance for the ladies.

Actor 4: Male (ages 30 – 40)

•   Skippy: He is the oldest son of Anthony and Betty. Unfortunately, he has no brains at all and no interest in the family business. He prefers to play and pretend.  A likable and adorable idiot.

Actor 5: Female (ages 18 – 35) Plays two roles: Cordelia and Elenore

•   Cordelia: Anthony & Betty’s daughter and Anthony Junior’s twin. Has been locked up for a while now. Her father’s goon broke her out of jail so she can pay her respects to her father on his birthday. She feels she can run the family’s business better than her father and is upset that a woman cannot hold that title. She is tough as nails.

•   Elenor: Skippy’s girlfriend that nobody has ever met. She is a total nerd in every sense of the word.

Actor 6: Male (Ages 20 – 50) Plays three roles: Silas the Snake/ Dini/ Agent Willy Johnson

•   Silas the snake: Anthony’s right-hand man. Sinister and evil. He encourages Anthony to be tougher. He would rather shoot someone than listen to them speak. He is a true psychopath who would probably be better at running this type of operation over Anthony. He hisses every time he says an “s”.

•   Dini: Hired by the new wife to perform magical feats throughout the birthday party. He is eccentric and flamboyant. Really an FBI agent there to bust the casino operation.

•   Agent Willy Johnson: FBI agent specifically assigned to go undercover at Anthony’s Birthday party and bust them for illegal gambling. Surprised to be caught up in a serial murder investigation instead.