Author Topic: Voiceovers for a stage play: Golda's Balcony  (Read 291 times)


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Voiceovers for a stage play: Golda's Balcony
« on: August 29, 2017, 05:56:16 PM »
I am looking for several actors to lend voice to a couple of characters in the show Golda's Balcony for American History Theater.  Time commitment is minimal, an hour or two on the day of recording.  It will most likely be this weekend or next. The characters I am looking for were the members of Golda Meir's cabinet when she was Prime Minister of Israel, so you will need to be able to do an Israeli accent.  I am also looking to voice King Abdullah of Transjordan who was Arabic.  There is no pay, but lunch will be provided and a possible ticket to the show in September.  If interested call 970-618-3701 and leave a message in an Israeli or Arabic accent.