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Auditions: The Tin Woman
« on: July 20, 2017, 10:22:22 PM »
By Sean Grennan
Directed by Rob Conway
What if we owed our survival to more than just our parents? If our existences cost the lives of others, would we make the most of the time we have, or be crippled by guilt? The Tin Woman is a brand-new play that reveals the life of a woman who tracks down the family of her late heart transplant donor. Doubts, shame and humanity meld together to crate a bittersweet tale, equal parts funny, moving and honest. This inspiring, dramatically resonant comedic drama will steal your heart and restore your faith in second chances.
"Full of laughter and light even in the darkest moments." -- Erin Hunsader, Door County Advocate

"Loaded with questions, answers, dilemmas and paradoxes -- the stuff of humanity. Nearby is humor forged of fire." -- Warren Gerds,

Audition requirements:
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script (however you may choose to perform a 2-minute dramatic monologue if you prefer).
Please bring a current headshot and resume if you have them. Please also know any conflicts you may have through November 5.
Audition Dates:
Sunday, August 27 and Monday, August 28
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, beginning at 6:00 pm
Callbacks, if necessary, are Tuesday, August 29 at 7pm

To sign up for an audition slot, go to:
Audition Location:
Lamplighters Community Theatre
5915 Severin Dr in La Mesa
Performance Dates:
October 13 - November 5, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm
All roles are available:
JOY (30's, female) - Joy has received a life-saving heart transplant but is conflicted about what to do now. Smart, sometimes sarcastic and forthright, rudderless with her new lease on life. Even though she is experiencing depression, she has a spark to survive and connect.

JACK (30's, male) - an accountant with aspirations of being a professional photographer. Jack is dead at the outset, but nonetheless appears throughout the show. He contributes greatly to the show even though he does not speak in many scenes. Hes a memory that lingers.

ALICE (60's, female) - Jack's mother. Shes a solid, loving, enduring presence. She knows her husband and is aware of what hes going through. A big heart that is dealing with its own pain while trying to hold the family together and do the right thing.

HANK (60's, male) - Jack's father. Hank is pushing forward, trying very hard not to wallow in or even barely acknowledge his grief and guilt. He can be irritable, abrupt and lately has been drinking more than he ought. He believes hes handling things just fine, but a lot of emotions are turning under the surface.

SAMMY (20's-30's, female) - a preschool teacher and Jacks younger sister. Shes somewhat new age-y but with an enormous heart. Wants to help anyone she can. She can give in too easily to her emotions but of everyone, she is the most in touch with them. Can cry in any moving moment.

DARLA (30-40's, female) - Joy's best friend. Darla is somewhat flamboyant, artsy, very caring for Joy. A singular soul in habit and dress. She worries about and wants the best for her friend.

NURSE (any age, female) - Nurse is very competent if a bit annoying in her approach. Shes by the book in all things, but - probably because she is so busy - can sometimes condescend. (Only in scene 1, this role may be played by the same actress as Darla, or a stage manager).