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Auditions: Anne of Green Gables the Play
« on: May 20, 2017, 10:51:47 PM »
The 413 Project Presents
Anne of Green Gables the Play
Based on the popular novel by L.M. Montgomery

Casting: Non-Union, Ages 14 and Older for professional dinner theater production. All roles open. Actors to each receive stipend of $50-$250 depending on experience.

(Available Roles)
Anne Shirley: Young and imaginative girl. Plays from ages 12-18
Gilbert Blythe: The mischievous boy who wins Anne's heart. Plays ages 14-21.
Marilla Cuthbert: Middle-age spinster who lives with Matthew and adopts Anne.
Matthew Cuthbert: The brother of Marilla, Matthew adopts Anne as his own.
Mrs Lynde: The Cuthberts busy-body neighbor. Ages 40-75
Diana Barry: Anne's best "bosom" friend. Must play from ages 12-18
Jane Andrews: Anne's very girly friend. Must play from ages 12-18
Josie Pyle: A spoiled school friend of Anne. Must play from ages 12-18
Ruby Gillis: Anne's schoolmate. Plays from ages 12-18. Doubles with other roles
Moody Spurgeon McPherson: Gilbert's friend and Anne's schoolmate. Plays from ages 12-18. Doubles with other roles
Mrs Barry: Diana's Mother. Doubles with Mrs Spencer. Ages 30-50
Mrs Spencer: A woman with too many children. Ages 30-50
Miss Stacy: Anne's beloved school teacher. Ages 30-50

Three weeks of performances September 8th -24th 2017
Rehearsals three days a week beginning the week of July 2nd. Rehearsal dates will be built around the actor's schedules. All performances and rehearsals will take place at the Grand Tea Room in Escondido.

(To Be Considered)
Please submit the following materials to
1. A Current Headshot
2. Acting resume
3. 413 Project Audition Form available at
Actors selected will be contacted to further complete the call back process.

For more information or questions please email

(Play Synopsis)
When aging brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert send to the orphanage in Nova Scotia for a boy to help them on the farm, they get more than they bargain for. Due to a mix-up, they are instead left with 11-year-old Anne Shirley. Over the course of six years, this romantic, hot-headed, and energetic girl wins their hearts and turns the stodgy, rural Canadian community into a bright world of "kindred spirits." This swift yet theatrical adaptation of the classic novel is an all-ages crowd-pleaser.
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